Dear Photographers, amateur or professional, join our International Bonaire Photo Contest, an initiative created by Tourism Corporation Bonaire Latin America, in its 3rd Edition.

Capture the essence of the island, its natural wonders, with sustained efforts of its people; the white sand beaches and the endless blue sea invite you to an ecstasy with calm waters, colorful fishes and fascinating coral reefs. Show the world your unique pictures of Bonaire.

All visitors of Bonaire are invited to participate:
the ones coming in 2016 and past visitors who stayed on island in 2014 and 2015

Rules of the Contest

The photo contest will have two unique picture categories: Underwater and Top Side, awarding 1st,   2nd and 3rd place of each category.

Top Side: Refers to outdoor activities and includes the following sub-categories:

  • Sports: windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, biking, caves, others.
  • Nature: fauna, flora, icons of Bonaire.
  • People: relaxing moments, sharing with family and friends, island celebrations (culture).

Underwater: Refers to underwater activities and includes the following sub-categories:

  • Fauna and /or Flora (macro)
  • Shipwrecks
  • Wide angle

The maximum numbers of photographs to be registered by each participant will be twelve (12). Six (6) images per category.

  • Participants will make its registration at
  • Participants will load directly its photographs, following the instructions displayed at
  • The participants will be over 18 years of age, and passionate about photography
  • The registration to the Bonaire Photo Contest 2016 is free of charge.
  • Participants must complete the information required: personal information, passport, date of visit to Bonaire, photograph category, device used to capture the image, number of photographs registered for each category and other relevant data.
  • During the registration on the website, the participant must attach a copy of their passport, showing legibly the stamps of entry and exit of Bonaire, during the period of 2014 and 2016. This policy will ensure participants visited Bonaire in the period established in the photo contest.
  • The photographs must be submitted in JPG format.  Maximum Size 200 dpi. Pictures will not be accepted with modifications, such as inserted or eliminated elements of the original image, reproductions, framed photographs or slides, or low-quality scanned photos.  Corrections are allowed such as light, color, saturation and others that Photoshop and other software’s offer, but no altered or manipulated photographs as mentioned above will be received.

Final participants can get more score – before judges select the winners – thought Bonaire social media Facebook & Instagram sharing photos and getting “likes”. For one week, Bonaire social media will be a great platform for final participants to exchange “LIKES”.


  • Post only inscribed photographs at
  • The votes with no profile picture accounts not count as valid votes.
  • The votes with open accounts 24 hours before not counted as valid votes.


There will be 3 winning photographs selected per category.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, respectively. The awards for each category are:


7 night’s stay
for 2 people


5 night’s stay
for 2 people


3 night’s stay
for 2 people

The validity of the awards will be one (1) year after the draw, are not transferable, are not valid for use during high season and are not including airfares.


  • The photos will be uploaded classified by blocks on the official contest page and published on Facebook and Instagram Turismo Bonaire accounts in order to generate followers during the contest.
  • The contest ends officially on Tuesday of November 15th 2016. Following that day, participants will not be able to register more photos.
  • On Monday 12th of December 2016 the island of Bonaire through its office TCB Latin America, will announce the official results of the Bonaire Photo Contest 2016.
  • The winning photos will be published in a special presentation in the official website, posted on the social networks Turismo Bonaire and official magazines for the enjoyment of fans, followers and final consumers worldwide.