unhurried, unspoiled, unforgettable!

Bonaire is an international leader on conservation of the environment, since 1960. The island stands out on the Flamingo sanctuary and nesting areas of turtles. With the creation of the Washington Slagbaii National Park and Marine Park Bonaire became committed with nature preservation for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

It is known that Captain Don Stewart was a key player in the formation of the National Marine Park in 1979, along with Carel Steenda, and the foundation of national parks in the Netherlands Antilles. His legacy continues with many other projects, including coral reproduction which is something fascinating, the initiatives of reforestation and conservation of native parrots.


Come to Bonaire. Once a Visitor, always a Friend!

Discover Bonaire, you will be amazed!

Bonaire is world renowned for its diving. However, in addition to maritime activities, Bonaire offers the opportunity to practice a wide variety of outdoor sports. Wind, water, sand, sun and a lot of adrenaline makes Bonaire the best destination for soft adventure in the Caribbean. Whatever is your favorite activity; our professionals will guide you and make your adventure so extraordinary that you will want to return as soon as possible.

Bonaire is a destination that offers activities for the whole family enjoyment in the perfect dose of adventure. The infrastructure and facilities that you find on the island are unique, combined with the freedom to choose as an example, choosing your next shore diving managing your time and diving interval. Also boat dives are offered by large resorts. Moreover, Bonaire has international cuisine and wonderful weather 365 days of the year. All this, and more, make the island the perfect place to enjoy with your children.

Bonaire is a home away from home

All your dreams can come true in the variety of accommodations that are available for you.

Experience the true pleasure of eating

Its cuisine will surprise and delight the most discerning palates with Caribbean flavors and ingredients. Bon Apetit!!

Bonaire, where diving is the best in the World!

Very few places in the world have the conditions so perfect for diving as Bonaire. It’s warm and crystal clear waters are unique. The marine life is one of the most spectacular in the world and the coral reefs are protected by the first marine park in the Caribbean.

There are more than 60 dive sites around the island, marked by yellow stones. More than 20 other dive sites are located on the small island of Klein Bonaire. To dive, you must present your certification, pay the annual nature fee of $ 25 and attend the Marine briefing. After choosing the dive site, just equip yourself and find out why Bonaire is considered Divers Paradise.



Latin America

Bonaire does not have direct flights from South America, you can connect with Avianca, Copa, Avior, Surinam Airways, Insel Air via Curaçao or Aruba. From Mexico directly to Bonaire with United via Houston. Copa or Avianca via Caribbean. Inter-island with Insel Air and Divi Divi Air.

North America

Direct flights from the USA are available with United Airlines from Newark and Houston. Delta Airlines has direct flights from Atlanta. It is also possible to fly via Aruba or Curaçao to Bonaire.


Direct flights from Europe come from Amsterdam with Arkefly or KLM they also serve as the gate way to other European Countries.


Inter-island carriers Insel Air and Divi Divi Air provide daily service to Bonaire connecting via Aruba or Curacao. For complete routes and details please contact the airlines servicing Bonaire or your favorite booking agent.